LabWare Customer Education Conferences – San Diego Apr 16 – 21

North American CEC April 16 - 21, 2023

We look forward to welcoming you to San Diego!

Please plan to join us for the 2023 LabWare North American Customer Education Conference (CEC).

The LabWare CEC is your annual opportunity to learn about the latest developments from LabWare and how to get the best value from your LabWare system. It is an important and unique annual event that has become the largest Lab Informatics meeting in North America, attracting over 600 participants. The meeting will allow you to efficiently network with LabWare’s team and other users from the LabWare customer community.

We have a lot to catch up on, so don’t hesitate to register!

The multi-day program includes presentations, case studies, and technical sessions, as well as a comprehensive schedule of training courses. You will find value in attending whether you are a system owner, administrator, IT, QA, or business owner, and we welcome those who are experienced with LabWare or are just getting started on a new project.


Maintain competitiveness

Your LabWare system is a critical application for your business that will typically have a 15-20 year life-span with constant adaptations as new business challenges arise.  Applying efficient, cost effective solutions is key to helping your organization maintain operational competitiveness. The CEC allows you to monitor industry trends, maintain awareness of best-practices and learn of practical solutions to everyday challenges other customers may have faced.

A rich source of knowledge

There are over 1,500 LabWare systems worldwide and although these systems are used in a wide range of industries, all are based on the same LabWare product platform. The LabWare user community is therefore a considerable source of knowledge, and the CEC provides the opportunity to mine this knowledge in a mutually beneficial way. Focus groups and workshops facilitate industry specific discussions and encourage networking.

Boost your skills

As in previous years, the 2023 CEC will provide a wide range of training courses to complement the formal program of presentations. The training is a major benefit of the time you invest in attending the CEC and will help your knowledge and skills remain current.  We strive to offer training that is suitable for a wide range of skill levels. Training classes will cover LabWare LIMS, ELN, and various aspects of system administration.

Join Us in San Diego!

LabWare considers the CEC the most important event of our business year. The pandemic prevented us from holding the CEC two years in a row; however this past year we held a successful conference and plan the same for 2023. We are committed to ensuring your company gets exceptional value from this important week, so we encourage you to make plans early to join us. We will present a rich agenda, with plenty of opportunities to meet face-to-face with LabWare’s team and colleagues from within your industry. Your participation and the feedback you provide to LabWare during the meeting is extremely valuable to us.

Early Bird Registration Fee

The Early Bird Registration fee is $2,000 per attendee. Register by Friday, March 3, 2023.
After March 3, 2023, the registration fee will increase to $2,350. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to print or download the 2023 NA CEC Quote.)

Covid Policy

The LabWare CEC will follow the required policies stated by the prevailing authorities (CDC, State of California, San Diego County, and event facilities) at the time the CEC is held.  We will send details of the relevant policy changes, if any, closer to the time of the event.

A link to relevant policies is found here:

COVID-19 Policies in San Diego

The CEC is the most important LIMS/ELN event of the year, and we encourage you to attend!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

What past CEC attendees are saying…

“The CEC is a massive font of knowledge available to all attendees. This has provided us with inspiration for our own projects.”

“Very well organized and well executed. All the presentations were very good and everyone was very cordial and friendly.  I learned a lot.”

“I continue to be impressed by what a first class organization LabWare is as well as the relationships the company develops.”

“LabWare is the only product on the market that is flexible enough to do everything that you need it to do.”

“LabWare makes our lives easy.”

“I appreciate LabWare’s continued commitment, effort and track record in facilitating our success with LIMS.  LabWare has a vast knowledge and understanding of our business needs. LabWare provides continuous deployment of new and/or improved functionality (and technology) and the value of knowledge sharing through the CECs, LabWare LIMS List and direct contact with the folks at LabWare.”

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